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-- Chief Financial Police officer As well as simply to improve it, David, we're around an 80% share today with four SKUs in the marketplace. It's around 3% to 4% of industry share. And also we're having out of stocks today. So we don't really understand what the possibility is yet. What we do know is that we're scaling up production really swiftly.

So we know that we can double, perhaps three-way that based on need without jeopardizing quality. So we're pushing it as much as we can. We have actually obtained really attractive rate explain on the market. And also currently it's simply a circulation and also gratification video game.-- President And incidentally, we're refrained, right? So we have even more beverages involving market, as well as our innovation group is functioning like all the time to understand what is the next version, what is the next-generation of our drinks item to ensure that we remain to remain in advance?-- Canaccord Genuity-- Expert That's all really handy - black metal awning.

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As well as has the federal government come back at all with potentially transforming the equivalence grams that are in these drinks? Because I would guess that you can't really start marketing 2 or fours of these things till that obtains amended.-- Chief Executive Officer Yeah. Look, I believe there is some support of it, particularly in the provincial companies that sell the product.

-- Principal Financial Police officer We're servicing it. Yeah.-- Canaccord Genuity-- Expert Many Thanks. Your following question comes from John Chu from Desjardins Resources Markets. Please go on.-- Desjardins Capital Markets-- Expert Hi. Greetings. I simply intended to follow-up on the remark made earlier regarding internet revenue progressively boosting in the Canadian Rec market with even more shop openings. So sort of believed it would have been maybe a little bit a lot more accelerated growth in the coming quarters and also just a lot more steady. Can you discuss just how you might see all those elements entering into location in the next number of quarters?-- Principal Financial Police Officer Yeah, John. So look, what we have actually been pleasantly shocked by is stores remaining to open even throughout a pandemic and also our most recent quote is that by the end of schedule year, we can be in extra of 1,200 shops across Canada.

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As we call in our supply chain and also proceed to carry out in regards to PO satisfaction, as we remain to carry out in terms of Cannabis 2.0 implementation, even more drinks, even more delicious chocolates, more vape out out there. As we continue to round off our worth offerings and as we remain to improve high quality across the board, we see a lot of tailwind heading into the following six to nine months.

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As well as we understand that there's possibly some options coming the following six to nine months. However in the meantime, this has actually been a rather excellent defensive play. Customers are still investing in cannabis - best awnings. As well as with more shops coming, we think that's going to remain to open the marketplace.

So all indications are great for Q2. And equilibrium of the year is actually simply going to be a feature of those shops remaining to open. Your following concern originates from Doug Miehm from RBC Funding Markets. Please go helpful hints ahead.-- RBC Resources Markets-- Analyst Many thanks significantly, as well as good early morning.

Look, I'll attempt this. And also David, you additional reading can leap in. So two things. On market share, we are seeing improvements in market share. Fairly normally I would state we struck a trough in the April, May time framework. And as we look at current trends on share across the districts that we can actually determine market share for, we do see an uptick throughout Canada in terms of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, DC, and we're positive that that uptick is mosting likely to continue for all the reasons I pointed out at the last question.

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We've taken the steps of getting our supply chain in balance. As well as we know that in the brief run, that might hinder our gross margin efficiency as we experience reduced usage levels. As well as we also know several of our competitors are taking a different course which is still proceeding to operate at high application levels, however creating perhaps 3 or 4 times their sales each quarter in their harvest which places you could try here all that on their balance sheet, which's going to come back at some point In terms of surpluses.

We understand that we've got ongoing possibility to remain to boost our margins. As well as we assume the priority right currently is to preserve a well balanced supply chain versus just loading up centers to keep our economies of range going. To ensure that's the path that we're taking. As well as once more, we remain to think that the next 6 to 9 months for this sector are mosting likely to be very positive in regards to store counts.

This ends the question-and-answer part of the telephone call - building awnings. And I would certainly currently such as to transform it back to Mr. Klein for last remarks.-- President Yeah. Thank you once again for joining us. We expect sharing further development in the coming months. In the meantime, I hope every one of you will certainly attempt our outstanding items, visit our Tokyo Smoke and Tweed shops, explore our internet site.

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